Decorate Your House this Summer with Some of Our Newest Products

Decorate Your House this Summer with Some of Our Newest Products

Looking for an excuse to spruce up your house with some brand-new decorative pieces? Good news! Summer has finally arrived, and that means a new opportunity to refresh your home to suit the new season. Maybe you're sick and tired of some of the old and outdated accessories that are scattered throughout your home. Perhaps you're just looking for items to add to your wish list for when the festive season arrives. Whatever your current situation, it's time to get shopping!

Here at The Phoenix and the Turtle we're constantly stocking up on new and trending accessories for beauty, jewelry, and interior design lovers. If you've already fallen in love with the way that our stunning jewels can brighten up your outfits, why not see for yourself how our latest interior décor items can add some sparkle to your home too?

Our 3 Top Picks for Summer

Need some help choosing the items that could really make your home stand out this season? Let us share some of our absolute favourites with you! 

  • The Calm Waters print: What better way to transform a room in your home than with a peace of inspirational art? The right print can transform the theme of any room in an instant. This Calm Waters print is all about serenity and clear skies - just like summer. Featuring a dainty boat on a clear ocean, this is the perfect image for your bedroom, living room or dining room - we even think it could work in the bathroom too! 
  • Our Sunnylife Candle Pack: The perfect accompany accessory for the Calm Waters print, this candle pack will make you feel as though you're drifting out at sea with your loved ones. With a selection of mouth-watering scents, and a beautiful minimalist design - these candles will make the ideal addition to virtually any room in your home. Light the wick and feel yourself spiral into a world of relaxation. 
  • Audrey Planter: Bring a touch of personality to your interior design efforts this season with our eye-catching Audrey planter. Wonderful for introducing colour and vibrancy into a space, this is a planter that catches the eye and gets people talking. We love it as a conversation piece in the living room, dining room or kitchen. 

Choosing your Summer Must-Haves

Sometimes, you don't need to redecorate your entire house to create a new feel with your interior design. A few extra accessories here and there can give more life to any room, and help you rediscover all the things that you love about your home. 

Our top 3 items above are perfect for bringing a bit of the beauty of the great outdoors into your property during the summer months. The Audrey planter will give you the greenery you need to get in touch with nature, while the calm waters print, and sunny life candle pack will help you to imagine a life sitting on your very own yacht in the midst of the clear Australian ocean waters.