Have Fun Buying for Kids this Christmas

Have Fun Buying for Kids this Christmas

Christmas is almost here - and you know what that means. That's right - presents! 

The festive season is a wonderful time for spending meaningful moments with family, bonding with loved ones, and sharing memories. However, it comes with a few challenges too - particularly if you've got some youngsters to cater for. It can be difficult to figure out what to buy your kids when you're trying to find something that really stands out from the crowd. After all, most stores seem to have the same products to offer over and over again. 

Fortunately, here at The Phoenix and the Turtle, we're transforming into Santa's helpers for the festive season, to help you discover some of the top-selling items to buy your little ones this Christmas. 

Our Top 3 Holiday Favourites

You're sure to find plenty of amazing items to choose from here at The Phoenix and the Turtle to make your Christmas celebration extra special. We've got jewelry for the woman in your life, home accessories, and even beautiful clothing to explore too. However, to help you make the right choice for your kids, we've put together a list of our three top choices for any parent:

  • Mister Fly Swan Playmat: Have you ever wanted to give your child the amazing experience of soaring through the air as he or she plays? This beautiful Mister Swan play mat could allow you to do just that. With a luxurious plus design to keep your baby or toddler comfortable when they're on the floor, the Fly Swan Playmat offers a great alternative to those tacky mats covered in bright and gaudy colours. This is a mat that will delight your youngster and give you some excellent photo opportunities too. 
  • Wally the Wombat: Every youngster needs a soft toy that they can fall in love with. Wally the Wombat is a personal favourite of ours. In fact - most of the people in our office have a Wally of their own - as well as an extra one for the kids. This playful little Wombat is designed with the highest quality of materials, because we know your children deserve the very best. One look at his face and you're sure to be charmed. 
  • Hooded beach towel: Feel like going for a trip to the beach after opening presents on Christmas morning? You'll be fully prepared with this amazing hooded beach towel. Available in Dinosaur or Unicorn designs - these towels will give more magic to the standard beach adventure. 

Happy Holidays!

With so many amazing gift options to choose from here at The Phoenix and the Turtle, you're sure to be overwhelmed with choice. Whether you want to spoil the new addition to your family this festive season, or just keep the little ones happy, you're sure to find something incredible in our fantastic catalogue.