Interior Styling with the Phoenix & the Turtle

Interior Styling with the Phoenix & the Turtle

Interior styling is incredibly personal. Your style is not the same as your neighbours. Your style is not the same as your friends. You might look at what you see on the TV and think you need to have the latest look mentioned on one of those “Grand Designs” style shows. It’s simply not true. You don’t have to copy anyone else. Your home is your sanctuary and you should decorate it with a style you’ll love. 2 months in isolation will have played on your mind. You’ll be ready to make some changes.

There are a number of areas around your house where you can share your style. A number of places you can make your own. Let’s take a brief look at some of them below and hopefully give you some ideas for some updates you can make around your own home. 

Furniture  - Furniture can mean everything in the room or perhaps a feature piece. When choosing furniture make sure you take into account style and functionality. You want furniture that looks good but that you can use. (No one wants an uncomfortable chair.) Have a think about what sort of couch or chair would suit a space. If it’s a dining table you need, what colour, shape and size do you choose? Should you be looking at a sideboard as well?

Table Top - Table top is a broad description for feature pieces in a room. It can include everything from a trinket tray to a vase. Some people may have a home bar with a cocktail kit. 

Cushions - Every house needs some cushions. They can add some colour to a couch or a chair - some colour to a room. 

Pots and Planters - Pots and planters can come in a range of colours, sizes, shapes and other designs. As well as the creativity of your chosen pot or planter, indoor plants are great for any space. They can boost moods, reduce stress and fatigue and they can make you healthier by reducing toxins in the air. This can mean a decrease in sore throats and colds. 

Artwork - An empty wall is a boring wall. Whether an individual piece or a beautiful print, the right piece on your wall really makes a room. If you have blank space you should consider a feature art piece for the wall. It adds elegance and beauty to any room

If you are looking to style your house, then The Phoenix & The Turtle can help. We can help with furniture, feature pieces, plants and artwork. You can view our range online or you can come and see us in store. If you want to discuss your styling needs and get some advice we are also happy to help. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces.

Sage and Clare Layla Braided Cushion - Picasso sure was onto something when he created his abstract portraits which featured thick lines, fractured forms and organic geometric shapes.

Those same influences make subtle appearances throughout the new season Soleil collection, including the beautifully textured Layla Braided Cushion. https://phoenixandturtle.com.au/products/laylabraidedcushion?_pos=16&_sid=49a97c498&_ss=r

The Sal Planter from Jones & Co. “Inspired by iconic artist Salvador Dali with his paint spattered shirt and curious moustache. The Sal face vase from Jones & Co is handmade from earth-ware clay. Crown him with your favourite indoor plant or floral display on your dining table.”


The Warrenbrooke Giraffe Portrait. It’s beautiful. Definitely a statement piece.


The Daschund Secret Bowl from White Moose


If you want to pick up any of these pieces or chat about any of our other pieces, please order online or get in touch today