Jones & Co Face Vases - A Unique Gift For Every Occasion.

Jones & Co Face Vases - A Unique Gift For Every Occasion.

Jones & Co Face Vases - A Unique Gift For Every Occasion. 

Online and in-store, the Jones & Co range of Face Vases are one of our most popular range of gifts. 

Let me tell you a bit more about the Jones & Co Range. Jones & Co was founded in 2006. They create a variety of ceramic homewares and other products - most of them are handpainted. Two of their most popular ranges are ones that we stock - the “Have You Met Miss Jones” range and the “Jones & Co” range of Face vases. Many of the designs we stick are incredibly popular and sell out fast.  

The Jones & Co Team create unique collectibles. They become a feature piece in any home and there’s a design to suit every taste. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, chances are that there is a Jones & Co Face Vase suited to your own unique tastes.

The Jones & Co Team supports Artisans and team of small business owners in Australia as well as overseas in Vietnam and the Philippines. Our artisans have spent many years honing their skills and we have chosen to work with them based on their specialised skills and dedication to craftsmanship. Each hand-crafted design is only made in limited qualities. Once they have sold out they are all gone. 

If you want a piece for your house, or as a gift for others, that will spark conversations and bring joy then allow us to share with you a vase from the Jones & Co collection. It doesn’t matter who you are buying one for, a Jones & Co Face Vase is the perfect gift. Do yourself a favour and invest in the fun today. 

Some of our most recent popular sales include:

The Lennon Vase (sold out)

The Lennon Vase is as cool as Beatles frontman John Lennon who inspired it. It has a handpainted signature New York City tshirt and his signature rose-coloured glasses. We know that those who were lucky enough to get her hands on one of these love the “cool” it’s brought their houses.

Golightly Vase

Like her namesake in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Golightly vase shares Holly’s orange cat and black turtleneck. Like the classic movie, this vase brings a classic look to any house. 

Jude Vase

Jude loves your favourite plants, as evidenced by the hand-painted leaf pattern covering his body. 

There are a number of other Jones & Co Face Vases on our website. Do yourself a favour, check them out and secure your unique item today.