Gift Giving Guide with Mrs Turtle

Gift Giving Guide with Mrs Turtle

Ahh gift giving – the intricate art of picking out the perfect gift for that special someone.  While this task fills some with pure joy and satisfaction it can also fill others with dread and fear. 

Whether you love it or hate it, gift giving is something that we will all take part in from time to time.  At Phoenix and Turtle we want to help make this task enjoyable for everyone, so we have put together a very special gift giving guide to help you pick out the perfect gift and put a huge smile on your special someone’s face.  

For the Homebody 

For this person, comfort is the number one priority.   More inclined to wear pyjamas, tracksuit pants or active wear, they will have the biggest collection of cushions or throws and probably the comfiest couch on the planet.  Their beautifully decorated home will always feel extremely welcoming and warm, just like their beautiful inhabitants.  

When selecting a gift for a homebody look for soft luscious fabrics, and anything that makes you feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings on the inside.  

Our Top Picks

Kip & Co - Home Collection

Sage & Clare – Keziah Punch Needle Cushion (Peach)

Monista Tea Co – Camomile on the Nile 

Jones & Co – Madame Daisy Vase

Lost And Found – Maxi Woodblock (Cactus Sunset)


For the Little Ones 

Nothing brings greater joy than watching a child open up a gift, with eyes full of wonder and a big toothy grin on their face.  No matter what stage your little one is at, it is important to give gifts that encourage involvement from the gift giver and other adults around them, whether it is a new game, a dress up or book.  

When selecting a gift for your favourite little person, unleash your inner child and give a gift that encourages imagination and play that will instil positive and fun memories for years to come.  

Our Top Picks 

Nana Huchy – Ken the Kookaburra

Petit Collage – Magnetic Dress Ups (Super Heroes)

Nana Huchy – Princess Pearl

Petit Collage – Floor Puzzle (Enchanted Woodland)

For the Self Care and Grooming Conscious 

We all have that one friend that has an undeniable glow about them.  Never having so much as a hair out of place, they take the utmost pride in their appearance and believe that there is nothing that a little self-care on a Sunday (or anyday) can’t fix.   They probably have the most detailed and complex skin care routine you have ever seen, but they will always emerge smelling and looking like a million bucks.   

When selecting a gift that will tickle your beauty fanatics fancy, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  It isn’t necessarily about just the beauty products, but also the accessories that go with it, such as towels, eye masks and teas.

Our Top Picks

Bee Wellness - Honey and Propolis Serum

Salus – Charcoal Purifying Facial Mask & Wash Cloth

Dan 300 – Jet Set Pack (Helsinki)

Bopo Women – Goddess Soak  

For the Fragrance Lover 

From the moment you walk in the door of a fragrance lover’s home, you are greeted by the most delicious smells.  Whether there is a candle burning, a reed diffuser propped on the entry table or they are wearing the most amazing perfume, this person and their surroundings always smell so good.

When selecting a gift for the fragrance lover, think about scents that remind you of them.  Do they usually smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers?  Or perhaps more like a fruity punch with delicious earthy undertones?  Whatever scent resonates, we know you are sure to impress with a delicious smelling gift.

Our Top Picks

SOH Melbourne

Voluspa – Candle 100hr Panjore Lychee

Acca Kappa – 1869 After Shave Gel

Bopo Women – Halo Hair Drops Oil

For the Adventure Seeker 

Always out and about, this person is most comfortable outside, taking in the fresh air and blue sky and is always sure to be looking for their next big adventure.  Whether it is a weekend camping trip, beach day or picnic in the park, your adventure friends are prepared for every situation.  

When selecting the perfect gift for the adventurous, think about items that can be used on the go, or taken with them anywhere… and I mean literally anywhere!

Our Top Picks 

Kollab – Shopper Tote (Green Palm)

Kollab – Picnic Mat (Kip & Co Field of Dreams)

Kollab – Cooler Back (Hibiscus)

Soek – Dalton


For the Masterchef 

What’s cooking?  Well in a masterchef’s house it is always something delicious that has your mouth watering before you even knew you were hungry!  Always experimenting with the latest ingredients, herbs and spices, you can rest assured that your masterchef friend will always ensure that you never go hungry… or eat a bad meal again.

When shopping for those culinary sensations, think of gifts that will add flavour and wow factor to their next dinner party or social occasion.  From spices to crockery and glassware, your masterchef friend will appreciate anything that leads to an adventure for their taste buds.

Our Top Picks

The Source – Lustre Martini Glasses

Robert Gordon – Feast Set of Ramekins

Marmoset Found – Cloud Oval Plate (Large)

Tasteology – Citrus Salt  

Tasteology – Chilli Pepper 

For the Game Show Host

Roll up, roll up!  This friend is THE games night host… and honestly you aren’t sure how they don’t have their own game show yet.  With an unrivaled supply of games that never seems to end, these creative types with a natural charisma, always promise hours upon hours of fun and laughter.  

Delight your gaming friend with a new addition to their collection.  Not only will it get everyone involved, but it also shows them that you really know them.  Pretty sure they own every game under the sun?  Think outside the box and look at perhaps getting them something to assist in entertaining guests on their many game nights instead.

Our Top Picks 

Ridleys Games Room – Casino Night  

Lustre – Tumbler 

Marmoset Found – Cloud Bowl (Large)

So there you have it, our gift guide for giving the perfect gift no matter what your special someone is into!  You can explore these items and hundreds more in store or on our website.  With multiple colours, flavours or scents to suit your needs, we know you are going to absolutely nail it.  Happy gift-giving everyone!