Marmoset Found Ceramic Range

Marmoset Found Ceramic Range

At The Phoenix & The Turtle we pride ourselves on a beautiful range of eclectic homewares and artistic pieces. We love collating our collection from local suppliers, bringing their range to our clients across Victoria and Australia - selling online and offline in our retail premises.

Today we wanted to share with you Marmoset Found. Marmoset Found creates everyday homewares. Their collections are simple and elegant. They are beautiful.

Marmoset Found was founded in Melbourne and 2010. The team behind Marmoset Found engage local artisans to create artisan designs. Their artisans work with glass and ceramics. They create their designs using seasonally inspired colour palettes.

Their range is ever evolving, so you can add to your collection over time. Each piece is hand crafted and all designs are limited run. If you purchase from the Marmoset Found range you will have a unique, artistic piece. Each piece has a story. 

Ribbed Infinity Range - The latest range by Marmoset Found is the Ribbed infinity range, hand cast ribbed porcelain vases and candle holders, in various sizes and warm rich colours.

Cloud Vases - The Marmoset Found Cloud Vase range is incredibly popular. The Marmoset Found artisans have developed a range of vases in a range of sizes. Some of the popular designs include the Bubble, Haus and Bell Designs. These designs are available in a range of colours and a range of sizes. 

Cloud Ceramics -  The Cloud Ceramics range covers a range of bowls, serving plates and mugs. They have a range of designs and shapes and the range is available in charcoal and white. 

Cloud Dinner Set - The Cloud Dinner Set covers a range of plates available in a range of sizes. 

The Cloud Dinner Set range is available in grey and white. 

As we mentioned earlier in this article, each piece in the Marmoset Found range is a limited edition. Please check back on our site regularly for range updates, or visit us in store to see if we have special pieces.